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Organization’s Structure And Systems


Organization’s Structure And Systems

Governance Structure

CLAP has a Governing Board appointed by the Board of trustees to set the organization’s mission and overall strategy, and modify both as needed, monitor organizational performance and hold management accountable. The Governing Board also develops and conserves the organization’s resources—both funds and facilities and serve as a bridge and buffer between the organization and its environment. The Board has a policy manual that guides its operations. The Board appoints an Executive Director who oversees the day-to-day running of the organization. The Executive Director heads the Management team made up of the Executive Director, Administrative and Finance Manager, The Program Manager and the M & E Manager. Each of the State Branches is headed by a State Coordinator who is the head of the State Management Team; made up of the State Coordinator, State Program Officer, State M & E Officer and State Finance & Administrative Officer. The State Program, M & E and Finance Administrative Officers also report to the respective Managers (at the national level).

Financial Management

We have a strong Financial Management System including a Financial Policy, Systems and Procedures Manual which is fully understood and applied by the Finance staff. We operate bank accounts and the Finance Department prepares an annual budget, monthly and quarterly financial reports routinely and when needed and also audited annual reports (by external auditors). This department plays important role in managing the organizations resources and finances. They keep daily accounting record of activities using a budget approved by the Governing Board.

Program Management

The program department is headed by a manager and has the responsibility of anchoring all programmatic/technical activities of CLAP. The department also provides technical support to state offices and community partners on resource mobilization, project management and strengthening their institutional capacity to ensure effective service delivery and achievement of program goals. We have a strategic plan that is in line with the vision and mission of the organization and annual work plans that are drawn from the strategic plan, approved by the Governing Board and split into quarterly and monthly plans. We have relevant policies and quality improvement manuals derived from both national and international instruments to ensure that our programs not only address national priorities but also are of acceptable standards and quality.

Monitoring and Evaluation System

We have an M & E Policy that addresses data collection, storage and use in all our program areas with tools which are adapted from and in line with the national M & E tools for the program areas. Our M & E Policy promotes learning, feedback, and knowledge sharing of results and lessons learned among CLAP and its partners, as a basis for decision-making on policies, strategies, program management, and projects, and to improve knowledge and performance.

Human Resources management

Human resource policies and procedures are in place and managers use them consistently to hire and retain talented and committed staff. Communication mechanisms are used consistently and effectively to share information across organizational units and among staff at different levels.

A performance appraisal system (PAS) is in place, procedures for performance evaluation and staff development exist, there is equal employment and promotion opportunity for men and women, and PAS is in use. Clear Job Descriptions exist for all positions; they are used consistently to manage staff performance expectations and are regularly reviewed.

The Executive Director directly supervises this department and ensures that they develop very robust human resource and administrative policy that guides the operations of the organization on daily basis. The department also keeps custody of all CLAP assets either procured by CLAP, donors or donated to CLAP by partners.

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