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Since its founding CLAP has been providing its community with the full medical care, encompassing the following:

Primary Health-care Provision

This involves Strengthening the primary health-care system  and through it reach many rural communities in Nigeria with essential health-care, Reducing child mortality, Improving maternal health Eradicating endemic diseases like malaria, TB, malnutrition and HIV/AIDS.

Consultancy Services

CLAP provides consultancy services to the government and other Civil Society Organizations in the areas of Programme development, implementation and monitoring, Policy development, Mainstreaming Gender and HIV/AIDS, Advocacy, HIV/AIDS, Reproductive Health, Public Health and Research.

Community Development

CLAP works with partners to renovate or construct new classroom blocks and furniture where these are reasons for poor school enrollment, retention and completion of basic education. CLAP also undertakes projects and activities that ensure early start in life,  for children and education of community men and women on the rights and responsibilities of citizens.

Poverty Alleviation

CLAP works with communities to identify root causes of hunger and poverty, build the capacities of individuals and groups in the communities to create wealth for themselves,  ensure skills acquisition for income generation and improved household food security, create market for locally made products and set up micro-credit scheme for small scale industries for youth and mothers.

Improved Water Supply and Sanitation

Wholesome water supply still eludes many communities in Nigeria with the resultant high prevalence of water associated diseases. CLAP fosters synergies and mobilizes resources from individuals, from civil society, from the private sector, from government and from donors towards the provision of wholesome water for sustainable development of rural communities in Nigeria. We have constructed boreholes in many communities and schools within our focus states.

Promotion of Maternal, Child and Adolescent Rights

CLAP works with communities to prevent child abuse and neglect, identify, withdraw and rehabilitate abused children, ensure child survival and development through provision of child friendly health and educational services, and improve Adolescent Reproductive Health and provide counseling and integrated care to all adolescents, especially adolescent mothers, and ensures their continuing education and development

Combating HIV/AIDS

CLAP is committed to halting the spread of HIV/AIDS and mitigating its impact on Nigerian people and communities. These we do through: HIV Prevention for youths, couples and most-at-risk population (MARPS), Provision of community HTC services for general and key populations, Prevention of Mother-to-child transmission of HIV/AIDS (PMTCT), Comprehensive care and support for Vulnerable Children, including Household Economic Strengthening and Community Systems Strengthening and care in the community for adults and children living with HIV/AIDS.

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